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My job hunt mistakes: 

1. Not dressing the best I could for appointment at fast-food joint in 1994 

• Arrived wearing a Polo shirt and shorts instead of a suit, tie and dress shoes.
• Walked much of the way there in hot weather.

2. Not doing research for teacher assistant position in 2001/2002

• Couldn't tell the recruiters what I knew about them.
• Thought it wouldn't be necessary to do research on a school district.

3. Not being flexible enough as a temp

• Didn't make myself available for light industrial assignments when registering with temp agency in 2000.
• Didn't accept that type of assignment a few years later.
• Severed ties with me in 2005 for never working for them. 
• Upset main recruiter for another temp agency for not accepting assignment at a place that was on a bus line in 2006.
• Didn't want to work at 7:00 AM even though buses ran then.

4. Neglecting to follow up after hotel job interview in 2006/2007

•  Didn't follow up due to not being totally enthused about position. 
Job hunt tips:

1. Being a team player 

When working on a team at an assignment, only take a lunch break when the rest of your team does it.

2. Work site possibly being harder/taking longer to find than you think

• Top recommendation is to make practice trip to the place of your job interview, temp assignment or focus group study at least one day in advance.
• You can add extra 30 - 60 minutes to your commute on the big day as solid plan B. 
• It's critical to follow either of these suggestions no matter how good you think the directions to the location you've been given are. If you haven't been to the place, you just cannot assume anything.

3. Remaining on the radar

• Keep temp agencies posted on your work availability weekly.

4. Being on time and maintaining good hygiene 

• Don't arrive to interview or work reeking from tobacco use.
• Don't travel lengthy distance by foot or bicycle in hot weather - take bus or drive instead. 

5. Maintaining proper protocol at work

• Follow rules and respect everyone. 
• Don't go above your immediate supervisor if something must be reported. 

6. Making good impression at interview

• Don't arrive with backpack/gym bag.
• Don't talk over interviewer/recruiter. 

7. Input on video above: Get inside recruiters' heads to have a better shot at getting hired or finding a job different from your current one. 

• Frequently evaluate your work background, your wardrobe, your resume and your cover letter then ask yourself how a hiring person would look at them.
Evaluate the way you network whether it's online or in person and stay informed of hiring practices. 
Remember as much as you can about your previous interviews.

8. Saving time on your dummy run

• If you have a buddy who will work a new temp assignment with you or you have a buddy/relative willing to help you find the location of your upcoming interview or focus group study, you can make your dummy run easier by having this person accompany you. 
• Assuming you both have a cell phone, this is what you should do upon driving up to or getting off the bus in the area: split up and once one of you discovers you're going the right way, call your buddy and inform him/her of it.  

9. Attending an interview in conservative colors

• Don't arrive wearing loud colors.
• Your suit should be black, blue, white, gray or brown.

10. Not letting boss know of your job search
If you have a profile on a job search engine like Monster, adjust your settings so that your search is hidden from your current employer.

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